August - December, 2012

1st Person Shooter
Level/Systems Designer
​Team Size: 9

  • Balanced weapons
  • Created and maintained balance sheet for weapons
  • Co-designed map layout
  • Implemented/modified sounds for the game

January - May, 2013

July - December, 2013

1.5 Months, 2013

"Operation: Pesticide"
3rd Person Shooter
Gears of War
Gears of War Editor

  • Designed a single-player mission taking place after the GoW campaign
  • Developed multiple cinematics with Matinee
  • used destructible cover to create unique gameplay challenges


Midgard Saga
Isometric Tactical RPG
​Level/Systems Designer
Team Size: 15

  • Designed/scripted gameplay for Levels 2 and 4
  • Designed and balanced character abilities
  • Designed level layouts for Levels 2 and 4
  • Created and maintained balance sheet for abilities and enemies
  • Implemented/modified sounds for the game

2 Months, 2013

"Battleboat Racing"
1st Person Racer
Half Life 2
​SDK: Half Life 2 Editor

  • Modified Half Life 2 to be a battle-racing game
  • Race against two AI boat drivers that fire torpedoes at you
  • Discover secret shortcuts to take the lead
  • Collect torpedo pickups to fire at opponents and slow them down
  • Hit boost pads to shoot ahead of opponents

2 Months, 2013

BSP / Whitebox
Agile Development / Scrum
Version Control (Perforce/SVN)

Sound Design
Creative Writing

editors / engines

Unreal Engine 3
Gears of War Editor
Source (HL2)
Skyrim Creation Kit
RPG Maker VX


3DS Max
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Excel


Object-based scripting (HL2)


1st Person Shooter
Unreal Tournament 3
​UT3 Editor

  • Designed multiplayer CTF map around the translocator
  • Moving platform serves as high-priority control point
  • Map intentionally designed to encourage team coordination for control over platform


Systems Design and Balance
Level Design
Gameplay Design/Scripting
Encounter Design


Other stuff

  • I'm all about PvP in MMORPGs, and just recently got into the MOBA, Smite, as well.
  • I used to work for Delta Airlines as a co-op software engineer, where I got to fly first-class to Copenhagen, Denmark for free!
  • I was a founder and guild leader of a top Guardian PvP guild in RIFT.
  • I used to do a bit of dirt-biking on my KLX 250.

About me

I am a Level/Systems Designer currently attending The Guildhall at SMU.  Before I came here, I attended Clemson University and acquired my Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering. However, I've always known that I wanted to work in video game development, and so instead of pursuing an engineering career, I chose to attend The Guildhall to build a portfolio and see what I could create.  
While I enjoy level design, my dream job is to work in systems, especially in gameplay balancing.  The majority of my time gaming has been spent playing MMORPGs, and I was always the one theory-crafting for the best builds and pitting them up against other players' builds to see whose was best.  I believe this to be a necessary passion for balancing games - the designer must think like the player to find overpowered and underpowered combinations of builds, items, spells and abilities.
If you would like to know more about me or my work, or just have any questions in general, don't hesitate to contact me  -- ​ you can find my contact info on the right.  Thanks for your interest in my site!


Phone:  864-616-7750


Skype:  stthomp87


Clemson University
Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering
Clemson, SC

August 2006 - May 2011

2D Platformer
​Level Designer
Team Size: 5

  • Designed final level
  • Game voted for "Best Visuals" out of 9 games
  • Contributed to conceptualization of design vision and core mechanic

"Last Stand"
3rd Person Shooter
Gears of War
​Gears of War Editor

  • Designed 3D tower defense level inspired by LOTR Helms Deep battle
  • Defend a fortress from the ramparts against five waves of varying enemy types and siege weapons
  • Boss battle uses Brumak in a different way
  • Advanced AI that adapt to situations based on the condition of the fortress
  • Re-balanced many of the weapons to be effective in combat against hordes of enemies, including the troika, boomshot, hammer of dawn, and more

1.5 Months, 2013


The Guildhall at SMU
Professional Certificate: Level Design Specialization
Plano, TX

2006 - 2007


January 2011 - December 2012

Clemson University SI Program
Supplementary Instruction Leader
Clemson, SC

  • Planned and hosted tutorial sessions for Pre-calculus course to students


Delta Airlines
Co-op software engineer on airplane simulators
Atlanta, GA

  • Debugged FORTRAN code in simulator databases
  • Flew airplane simulators to test proper functionality