The moving platform acts as the central optimal control point that both teams fight for control over. The team that is able to control this platform gains a considerable advantage because they can quickly transport their flag carrier from the enemy base to their own. 

The moving platform hangs over the crevasse in the atrium when the map starts. When a player jumps onto the platform, it activates a dynamic trigger volume attached to the platform, which triggers the platform to pull upward and then, based on which team the player is on, move to the enemy's base. So if a player from the red team lands on it first, it will pull up and head to the blue base, and vice versa. After the first activation, the platform will move from one base to the other each time a player steps onto it, regardless of which team the player is on.  

One way a player would have been able to exploit this mechanic would be to jump up and down on the platform as it was moving, causing it to change direction mid-matinee and run off course, making it unreachable for the remainder of the match.  To prevent this, I set a variable each time a player touches the trigger volume to a value, and then set it to another value after the matinee completes and the platform has reached its end destination.  Whenever a player touches the trigger volume, it first checks the variable's state to see if the platform is stationary or moving, and only outputs if the platform is stationary.

Scripting:  Moving Platform

Each team has a hallway that is connected from their base to the atrium by two bunkers. These are the smallest areas on the map, but their roles are no less important.  These areas are for defense only, as they only offer a dead end to flag carriers from (5) to (4). Defenders can quickly move between these two bunkers through this hallway to defend the atrium and the front hallway in the base. 

Weapons/Ammo obtainable in Side Halls:

  • Sniper Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle Ammo​

Pickups obtainable in Side Halls:

  • Armor Vest
  • Health Pack

map:  Side Halls


Level summary

"Crevasse" is a symmetrical multiplayer CTF map designed in the Unreal Tournament 3 editor, which takes place in an abandoned military warehouse that has suffered from natural disaster.  Opposing teams compete to capture each others' flags until one team wins.  To achieve this victory, both teams must fight for control over the central moving platform, which provides quick transportation across the map's dangerous atrium.  Without control over this platform, players are highly exposed to enemy fire and must cross the gaping crevasse that stretches along the atrium's span.  In addition to the moving platform, there are multiple bunkers placed throughout the warehouse that serve as secondary control points for defending flag runners while keeping enemies at bay.  Players can also use bunkers as shortcuts to the enemy base via the translocator, but flag runners cannot translocate and must therefore escape the enemy base by platform, or by foot.  This makes team communication and coordination essential in beating the opposition.

Design goals

  • Design a competitive multiplayer battlefield where players must communicate and coordinate effectively to win

  • Create a single optimal control point(moving platform) that players must fight over to gain the advantage

  • Create multiple secondary control points(bunkers) that counter the primary control point, provide faster travel for attackers, and offer defensible positions for flag defenders

  • Create a visually convincing environment resembling a fortified structure, while maintaining tactical gameplay​​​​

map:  Gameplay Flow

The atrium is the largest section of the map, as well as the most open and dangerous. In the center of the room lies a massive crevasse in the floor that goes down hundreds of feet into a fiery pit of lava. There are several ways to cross the crevasse: to run around it, cross the narrow metal beams, leap over it with the jump boots, or ride the moving platform over it. The moving platform is the fastest way to cross the atrium, which taxis players between the base entrances marked by (2) above. The jump boots, located inside the metal containers on either side of the crevasse, are also effective in getting the flag carrier through the atrium quickly. Acquiring them is a bit trickier - the metal containers only have one entrance/exit and can end up being a death trap.  

The bunkers from the side entrances, marked at (4) above, offer defenders a raised fortified position with a wide field of view, allowing them to snipe passing enemies effectively. Both side bunkers are vulnerable to each other, often resulting in sniper duels for control over the atrium. The bunkers from the bases, marked at (3) above, serve a similar purpose, but they provide a weaker field of vision due to the concrete pillars in each corner of the room and are better used as shortcuts into the bases via translocator.  

Weapons/Ammo obtainable in Atrium:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • ​Rocket Launcher Ammo
  • ​Pulse Rifle
  • Pulse Rifle Ammo
  • ​Stinger Ammo

Pickups obtainable in Atrium:

  • Shield Belt
  • Jump Boots
  • Health Vials

Each team has a base that holds their respective flag. Each base is packed with crates and machinery that offer cover, causing them to be relatively safer from enemy fire than the atrium. The base is divided into two hallways. The front hallway has access to two bunkers, marked at (3) and (5) above, a stairway to the atrium (1), and a jump pad to the upper level that accesses the moving platform (2). The back hallway contains the flag spawn location.

The bunker from the side entrance (5) provides a fortified position from which players have a complete vantage point over the front hall, making it effective for sniping enemy players entering or leaving the base. Defending these front halls can be vital to a team's success, allowing defenders to secure the jump pad leading up to the moving platform for their flag carrier's escape route while preventing enemies from using it.

Weapons/Ammo obtainable in Bases:

  • Stinger
  • Stinger Ammo​
  • Flak Cannon
  • Flak Cannon Ammo
  • Rocket launcher Ammo

Pickups obtainable in Bases:

  • Thighpads
  • Health Pack

map:  side corridors

map:  bases

Gameplay highlights

  • Control the map by delivering the moving platform to your flag carriers while keeping it out of reach of your opponents
  • Snipe your enemies from defensible bunkers while your flag carrier escapes
  • Assign strategic positions to your teammates and force the enemy to either cross the fiery abyss, or die trying

map:  Bases

The gameplay flow for "Crevasse" revolves around controlling critical locations that allow your team to expedite the flag carrier back to base as quickly and safely as possible.  There are multiple routes between bases, but most of them require venturing out into the deadly atrium zone, leaving players highly vulnerable to enemy fire.  To avoid this, players without the flag may use translocators to shortcut through the various bunkers located around the map, marked by the red lines above. Flag-carriers, on the other hand, cannot use these shortcuts as they are prohibited from translocating, so they must rely on the moving platform to get them across the atrium safely or risk crossing it on foot. The moving platform's path is marked by the blue line above.

map:  Atrium

development info

  • Game:  Unreal Tournament 3
  • Genre:  Multiplayer 1st Person Shooter
  • Development Time:  2 months
  • Engine:  UE3