design goals

  • Create an exciting and competitive multiplayer game that involves tactical decision-making and team coordination
  • Design a balanced selection of weapons, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and unique play styles
  • Create a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic that conveys a futuristic digital environment, and tie that aesthetic in with gameplay features
  • Customize and implement sound effects that help bring the game to life and enhance the digital environment aesthetic


development info

  • Role:  Level/Systems Designer
  • Game:  Torrent
  • Genre:  Multiplayer FPS
  • Development Time:  4 months
  • Team Size:  10
  • Engine:  UDK


Torrent is a 3D FPS map developed in UDK, set in a futuristic digital environment. Two teams compete to acquire data by hacking three control points strategically located across the map. Players must stand and stay alive in these control points for a certain amount of time to capture them for their team. They must then either continue to defend them from being captured by their opponents or attack points under their enemies' control. The team that hacks the required amount of data first wins the match.


  • Made balance charts in Microsoft Excel for balancing weapons
  • Worked with programmers to create archetypes that would allow more flexible iteration on weapon and player numeric values (damage, fire rate, run speed, etc.), so that all weapons felt unique and equally useful in their respective fields
  • Co-designed map layout
  • Playtested and iterated frequently to ensure that all weapons were viable with the level layout, and that multiplayer flow was fun and engaging
  • Visual scripting with Kismet
  • Acquired, modified, and implemented many sound effects for the game